Genetic Transport

Some interesting ideas happened to come out today while discussing genetics in the new Tyrell Corp boardroom. I was explaining the genetic model I plan to implement in my aLife experiments when Enabran Templar brought up an interesting thought -- what if the creatures could latch on to passing avatars?

I think much of this discussion spurred from the survival of the genetic lines. A problem with retaining long-term memory arises in LSL quite frequently. Unfortunately at the moment, if my creations were to run amok and populate a simulator, they wouldn't be able to survive in a cataclysmic crash. Without a persistant way to store their genetic information, if the simulator went down, generations of mutations could be lost.

A possible solution to this conundrum could be to allow the organisms a way to travel beyond a single simulator and populate SL on their own. Enabran suggested a parasitic relationship with avatars by allowing them to cling on to a passing avatar. I instantly though of plants and pollen -- using wind in SL to carry genetic information from one organism to the next. Either way, if the population were spread out, the various species would have a way to survive cataclysmic events.

Another interesting idea came from Snark Serpentine -- what if they could have instinct that let them avoid simulators that are on the verge of crashing? Then their presence in SL could be more symbiotic as the astute observer can watch a swarm leave a sim and know that they should probably move on before getting disconnected in the resulting crash.

I'm quite interested in the parasitic/pollination ideas. I might just try an experiment with it.

Also, before I finish this post up -- if there are any other aLifers out there, do get in touch. I would like to make this a multi-writer blog so it may act as a discussion group and hub for all things regarding aLife in SL. email me or contact me in-world.