The politics of creation?

Following the reaction to my recent post I had been set to thinking... are there politics involved in everything we create in Second Life?

For example, a major concern I had forseen was the complaint that free-roaming artificial organisms would cause undue lag on other residents. While that is a perfectly valid concern, it did strike me a little deep. The notion of entitlement everyone has to their "fair (and unobstructed)" share was the first thing to cross my mind, but that is only the skin of the problem IMO.

The real problem I think is a growing collective notion that the space we occupy in Second Life is our property. There are many things that tend to intrude on that perceived property; to which we naturally would take offense. Age old wisdom realizes that posession is the grimy core of existence. We tend measure our importance in posessions... and not just physical ones it seems -- money, influence, relationships.. and now it seems even computational cycles.

Where there are resources to use, there are politics...

It is enivitable as history has shown us. So now I'm curious about the politics surrounding resource usage in SL. And while this has happened before, it seems to be taking on a more subtle form. IMO these new resource politics are creating a sort of "isolationist" thinking -- one where any possible way for a person to encroach on that perceived property in SL constitutes some form of offense. From experience, this offense is stronger in somer than others, but it is still distressing.

For one thing -- I do ask the question honestly -- does it breed a quagmire stigma against development and experimentation outside "your property?"

If we envision this sense of property as a bubble around each of us walking through a busy street, we might get a better idea of what is happening in my frame of mind. So this street is made up of our collective bubbles and parts of it change as we move through it. We may pause from time to time, our bubbles may increase or decrease momentarily, but we never stop moving in any permanent way. So the street becomes a constantly transitioning single space -- but never at one moment is it a single place occupied by several people. In effect, if I do something that changes the size of my bubble, everyone else's bubbles are affected -- mainly if I increase my bubble, other bubbles have to get smaller.

Smaller bubbles mean frustrated people. So I wonder why isn't the street just a single space? Did the days of prim-hogging forever close the idea of sharing to SL?

Personally, I can understand why LL eventually did lock down prim allotment to parcel sizes -- but even insubstantial computation cycles?

I fear that eventually EVERY resource will be disputed and parcelled out.


At August 05, 2005 6:55 a.m., Blogger Aimless Penguin said...

Second Life looks cool, pity I'm too young to be able to pay over the internet...
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I like your bubble theory and that what you say reminds me for some strange reason of the book Red Mars... I was just wondering if you've read it, I'm reading it at the moment...

At August 06, 2005 1:44 a.m., Blogger megan conklin said...

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