Space and pathfinding...

Satisfied with my fish for the time being, and while parasites are on hold with the giant floating jellyfish; I have decided to move my efforts to a more terrestrially constrained environment -- one I'm sure many may recognize almost as a clichee...

Behold the maze!

Itself also not complete, but it won't take long as I've been through building something like this before... the question this time is what I shall do with it. First of all, I'll tell you that I won't be torturing avatars or anything of the sort. This time I will be experimenting with pathfinding and territory.

  • The first phase will have critters navigating the map by themselves.
  • The second phase will have critters navigating in search of food.
  • The third phase will introduce a "home" territory
  • The fourth phase will introduce competing clans.
  • And the final phase will allow the critters to harm one another in a vie for dominance. :)
This is will be my second big project.. the first being the ongoing development of a evolving genetics system (which will definitely take some time). Maybe I'll introduce self-replicating and evolving food sources for the critters on the side of this experiment. However, the focus will be on navigating space intelligently and forming territories.

I don't have the system entirely worked out yet, but I want to maintain the ideal of "less code, more behaviour." If anyone is interested in helping on this one -- feel free to drop a line.


At August 12, 2005 7:00 p.m., Anonymous Hamlet Linden said...

Very cool, Icon! Contact me when this gets going, I'd love to check it out.

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