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I'm currently working on Phase One at this point which is proving difficult. And it's not because developing an elegant and efficient 3D path-finding system using LSL is hard -- it's finding time to do it. The past week and a half I've been forced into a lot of overtime at work dealing with various events and emergencies. So things are a little crazy for me, but fear not -- I am still progressing.

In fact, check this out to see where I'm getting some of my reading material for this project from.

Basically, these critters will essentially be robots -- except their physical selves and environments are simulated. Later on I will introduce more "organic" behaviours, but for all intensive purposes at this stage I just need robots.

Anyhow, before it gets too late I must go -- so I leave you with some reading material. If you're interested, I highly reccommend checking it out. Lots of goodies in there that may help you with your own projects!


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