Time Gap

Hopefully you can excuse the long delay between posts. My reasons for the slowdown in my activity are many, some of which I will attempt to explain here. Despite any reason I may give however, it's not a failing interest in the subject that has struck -- merely that I am not exempt from the constraints of time. I mostly find myself asking why I don't seem to have enough time as of late...

My first reason for not posting in a while is that my activity in Second Life in general has declined for the past couple of months. Where I once logged in almost daily for a year and a half.. I went down to logging in a few times a week.. and now I log in about once or twice a week for a couple hours each session. It seems that the days of logging in for 8 hours at a time are gone. As are the all-nighters and all-SL-weekends.

This lack of time is partly due to the fact that indeed, I'm no longer completely self-employed. I do work full-time now. It is also in part to the exponential rise in real-world projects I have found myself taking on. In no sense of order I am currently: writing a short-story (that could turn novel on me...), creating three websites (not including all the ones I work on at work), working on a short album, re-launching my record label, and gearing up to do some creative video work with SL. Even for me, a guy who's always working on some thing or another... this is quite a bit.

Another thing is work -- it's really busy right now as the small tech company I work for expands. I'm putting in a lot of overtime right now trying to help everything get to the next level. My longterm reason for this is that if things go well, I could get rewarded by better career choices... and I must humbly admit (with the utmost humility bordering on embarrassment) that I hope to one day be nominated for the Google/O'Reilly Hacker of the Year award. Getting to that point will be a lot of work -- but it doesn't mean no play!

Lastly -- an increase of games that I'm actually interested in playing have finally hit market. It took me a while, but I finally found Rome: Total War.. and more recently, the Quake 4: Special Edition. Sorry... but once in a while I relapse into gamerdom and such. Sue me.

So... I hope you understand that right now, my further experiments may take a bit of a back seat while my other projects take hold. Eventually I will get back around to this -- I really do still have high hopes. In the meantime... if anyone is interested at all in Artificial Life... please contact me. I really want to move this blog away from being a place to read about my personal inane experiments and towards becoming a forum for artificial life developers. So again... get in touch with me if you're into creating/modelling/discussing anything to do with artificial life.

All the best!